This document explains ss one version 1.0.2.

User Guide

1. Introduction

The ss one is a simple hand-writing / hand-drawing app for Galaxy Tab and S-Pen. It has just one large canvas that is almost infinity space.

ss one

1.1. Key Features

  • Draw stroke lines with S Pen (3 colors)

  • Canvas scroll with two fingers

  • Undo/Redo

  • Modes (under drawing with S Pen Button):

    • Lasso mode: lassoing strokes and move, resize, rotate

    • Eraser mode: erase strokes

  • Export as SVG ( including native ss one data ) to Google Drive

    • Import SVG with including native ss one data from Google Drive

1.2. Requirements

  • Android 6.0 and up.

  • Galaxy Tab with S-Pen.

This app depends on S Pen and S Pen Button.

1.3. Installation

1.4. Getting help

If you have any questions, please make contact. And also your feedback will be much appreciated.

2. Usage

2.1. Basic Operation

All operations but canvas scrolling with S Pen. Using two fingers, you can scroll the canvas.


2.2. Select Stroke Lines

You can select stroke lines to lasso them with S Pen Button.


And then you can do these operations:

  • move

  • resize

  • rotate

  • export as SVG

How to move, resize, rotate, see this video:

To export, use the the Export Button on the top-left corner.