This document explains SmallSketch Note Version 1.1.9.

SmallSketch Note User Guide

1. Introduction

SmallSketch Note is a simple handwriting and S Pen centric application for Android tablets.

SmallSketch Note

1.1. Key Features

1.2. Requirements

  • Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) or newer

  • S Pen or Native Android Stylus

1.3. Installation

You can install this app from google play store.

1.4. Getting help

If you have any questions, please make contact. And also your feedback will be much appreciated.

To get update information, see Facebook / Twitter.

2. Basic Usage

2.2. Page List

Page List
Backup and Sync Icon appears only if Cloud Features ON Cloud Settings

2.2.1. Import / Export

You can import/export a page from/to Google Drive as SSN format.

This app also supports SSF format import. SSF is Small Sketch native format.

2.3. Editor

  • Go to Finder Go back to Page List

  • Add Page Add New Page

  • Preview PDF Preview PDF

  • Fullscreen Fullscreen / Exit Fullscreen


  • Pen Pen

  • Eraser Eraser

  • Selection Selection


  • Undo Undo

  • Redo Redo

Editor has 3 modes, Pen/Eraser/Selection. And under the pen mode, using double tap gesture switch to or back Zoom Mode and Normal Pen Mode.

2.3.1. Under Pen Mode

  • Stylus:

    • Draw strokes

  • Stylus(Eraser):

    • Delete strokes

  • Two Finger:

    • Scroll

  • One Finger double tap:

    • Entering Zoom Mode

      • Under zoom mode, you can use two finger pinch in out.

      • In order to exit Zoom Mode, double tap with one finger again.

2.3.2. Under Eraser Mode

  • Stylus:

    • Delete strokes

2.3.3. Under Selection Mode

  • Stylus:

    • Create a group: lasso and create a group

    • Ungroup groups: stroke groups in vertical

    • Delete groups: stroke groups in horizontal

    • Resize a group

    • Rotate a group


Lasso strokes with stylus and make them a group.

Group can be moved anywhere with stylus.
Resize a Group

Drag a right-bottom resize handle of the group with stylus.

Rotate a Group

Drag a right-bottom rotate handle of the group with stylus.

Ungroup Groups

Stroke a group as vertical with stylus.

You can also ungroup groups at once.
Delete Groups

Stroke a group as horizontal with stylus.

You can also delete groups at once.

2.4. Pen and Page Settings

Pen and Page Settings
This settings change will be applied to a new page.
  • Go Back Go back to Page List

  • Pen

    • Pen1 Color and Nib Width

  • Page

    • Size

    • Orientation

    • Type

2.5. Cloud Settings

Cloud Settings
  • Go Back Go back to Page List

  • Menu

    • Import

    • Export

    • Sync Log

2.5.1. Endpoint

You can backup and sync your notes with Apache CouchDB. See also the section Setting up your own CouchDB Server.

2.5.2. Digital Ink Recognition

About Digital Ink Recognition Lang Code, see this page in details.

3. Advanced Usage

3.1. Setting up your own CouchDB 3.3 Server

Install CouchDB 3.3 on your own server Ubuntu 22.04.

Please refer this official CouchDB install document.

3.1.1. Config CouchDB 3.3 under installing

Under installing couchdb you have to answer for a few questions:

  • Server Type : standalone

  • Magic Cookie : any string you want

  • IP address :

  • CouchdDB admin’s password: adminpass

Of couse admin passwword adminpass is an example.

After installing couchdb, check couchdb is running.

$ sudo systemctl status couchdb

And you can use systemctl command options stop, start, restart.

An example when you stop CouchDB:

$ sudo systemctl stop couchdb

3.1.2. Config CouchDB for SmallSketch Note server

It takes under 4 steps.

It needs curl command. If necessary, do sudo apt install curl.
Step1 Prepearing

Before start configuring, check CouchDB is running by curl.

$ curl http://admin:adminpass@
Replace adminpass with yours.

If CouchDB is running, returning such a message:


If not running, use systemctl command and make CouchDB running.

$ sudo systemctl start couchdb
Step2 Add Database

To add a CouchDB database, do this:

$ curl -X PUT http://admin:adminpass@
This ssnote is database name.

If this command is successful, you get this message:

Step3 Check Security

To get and check current the ssnote database security settings:

$ curl -X GET http://admin:adminpass@

It’s OK. The user admin is set up.

Step4 Set up Httpd

This is the final step, make CouchDB as httpd.

Edit the CouchDB local.ini file. In Ubuntu 20.04, the local.ini is placed in /opt/couchdb/etc/local.ini.

$ sudo vi /opt/couchdb/etc/local.ini

And uncommentout port and bind_address settings in chttpd section, like this:

port = 5984
bind_address =

This binding IP Address is an example. Change this value with yours.

To apply this settings, restart CouchDB:

$ sudo systemctl restart couchdb

Let’s check if it’s workiing, access with browser.

That is all to config CouchDB for SmallSketch Note.

If you want use CouchDB on the internet, you can use nginx and reverse proxy.

3.1.3. Cloud Settings

In order to use this CouchDB from SmallSketch Note, set up Cloud Settings.

Cloud Settings with Alice
About URL: http:// + CouchDB IP address + : + port + / + CouchDB database name

3.2. ssn2svg

This app native data format is called SSN. SSN format data can be converted to SVG with ssn2svg. And you can also download executable binary ssn2svg command from github release. It is supported Linux/Windows/macOS.